Norfolk Newborn Photography {Arya}
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Tuesday, July 11, 2017
By Katie Owens
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A few weeks ago, I finally got to meet Baby Arya.  He parents booked her session months ago, and I met them in May for a maternity session.  I was thrilled to meet her, because I will be seeing her a lot over the next year.  She is one of the newest additions to my Milestone Babies, and I will be photographing her every three months!  Arya literally slept her entire session.  Not a cry, or a fuss from her.  She did dirty nearly everything she laid on (Dad's arm included) but I am used to that!

We started the session with a blanket that Arya's mom brought along.  It was a blanket Arya's grandma knitted as a gift for her.  It was beautiful, and soft, and I did not want to return it.     

I always ask parents what colors they prefer to use for their session.  Some want bold colors, some want neutrals, and some want a little bit of both.  With Arya, we did a little bit of both.  This green backdrop was a color that I have had for at least a year but have not used it yet.  I am so glad I was able to try it out with the light pink color to soften it up a bit.  

This little lady was born breech so her legs were most comfortable bent up toward her tummy.  I do not get breech babies often, but it is a fun change of pace because they are a lot more flexible to get into those curled up poses than a lot of other babies.  We first started with the "taco pose".  Newborn photography has several interesting names for poses, and the taco pose and froggie poses are definitely some of them.  Next, I moved her into this "froggie pose" since she was so bendable.  This froggie pose was done as a composite of two images and later merged together in post production for safety since she is not able to hold her head up on her own yet.  

After this setup, we swaddled her a bit and she gave me this precious smile!   

Once we were done with the bean bag portion of the session, I moved on to props.  I typically only do one prop setup, but since she was sound asleep, we did two setups.

We ended the session with family poses.  Since she was STILL sleeping, we did both swaddled and naked baby portraits.  

As we were wrapping up, Arya's mom noticed a portrait hanging on my studio wall of a dad and baby, and wanted to see if we could try to take one like it for her.  So both myself and Arya's dad agreed.  As I was getting Miss Arya into position on Dad's arm, she had a massive all over poor Dad's arm, all over both of our feet, EVERYWHERE!!!  He handled it like a total trooper; did not move so she would stay sleeping.  We cleaned him up as best as we could and snapped this beautiful image.  I am sure they will NEVER forget the behind the scenes of this one!


Arya is such a sweet baby.  I am excited to watch this beautiful girl grow over the next year.

Are you thinking about scheduling a newborn portrait session for your little one?  I usually suggest booking your session in your second trimester or early third trimester to guarantee availability around your due date, since I photograph newborns between five to fourteen days after delivery.  However, I also take last minute sessions too if my schedule allows it.  Please contact me today if you are interested.  I would love to chat with you!   

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